If you have been looking for the best place or methods to buy Instagram Followers in Nigeria, then this is the article for you.


If you live in today’s world, you are well aware that Instagram has become a major place of business for many brands.

Instagram potentially helps brands drive profitable traffic to their websites, helps them grow their sales and build an engaged audience.

If you are reading this, it’s probably because your Instagram presence isn’t growing as much as you need it to. Then it is time to know exactly how to grow your Instagram followers and sharpen up your strategies to get more out of the platform.

We know that the larger your audience grows, the more opportunities you have to engage with users of the platform. The more you are noticed and the more partnership opportunities you get – either as a brand or an influencer.


This leads us to the following questions.

  • Where can you Buy Real Instagram Followers in Nigeria?
  • Which is the Best Website To Buy Instagram Followers in Nigeria?
  • Or where can you even buy a 10k Follower Instagram Account if you don’t want to start from the scratch?


The simple answer to these questions is: www.theizzle.ng


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This is hands down the Best Social Media Growth Website To Buy Followers In Nigeria or the Best SMM Website to Buy Followers In Nigeria.


With the Sizzle.ng, you can buy Real Instagram Nigerian Followers & Real Foreign Followers. This is the best way to get followers on Instagram without following anyone back.

It is also the safest way to grow your Instagram page as your password or login details are not required by TheSizzle.ng.

TheSizzle is not restricted to Instagram growth alone. You can also grow other social media platforms such as TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Telegram and so much more.



Full Tutorial: How To Buy Instagram Followers In Nigeria With TheSizzle.ng


Follow the guided tutorial below to learn how to grow your Instagram Followers in 5 minutes with TheSizzle.ng

This process is very easy and you can get your first 1,000 Followers in 5 minutes or less.


You can also watch the Youtube Tutorial Video below if you prefer watching a video to reading this article.


Video Title: How To Buy Instagram Followers In Nigeria





Step 1: Visit TheSizzle’s Official Website: www.TheSizzle.ng

Open your preferred browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla or Opera), then visit the official website of TheSizzle.ng by typing in: “https://www.thesizzle.ng”. You can also click the link to visit the website directly.

How To Buy Instagram Followers In Nigeria


Step 2: Register & Create An Account To Access Your Growth Dashboard

Click any of the “Sign Up” buttons or links which will direct you to the Sign Up Form.

Best Place To Buy Instagram Followers In Nigeria


Step 3: Enter Your Preferred Email & Password

Once on the registration page, scroll down until you find the Form. Type in your “First Name”, then your “Email”. Click “Sign Up”

On the page that follows, further complete the registration form with the correct details to round up your registration. This should take you about 1 or 2 minutes and you are done!

Make sure you tick the “Terms and Policy” box, then finally, click the “CREATE NEW ACCOUNT” button to complete your registration.

Best Website To Buy Instagram Followers In Nigeria
How To Purchase Instagram Followers In Nigeria


Step 4: Place Your Order – Buy Followers

After your registration is completed, you will be redirected to the Order Page. This page is where you can directly place your orders and tell the website where to send your followers or engagement to. I will guide you through the usage of this Order Page right now.

Buy Real Nigerian Followers On TheSizzle.ng


Scroll down a little bit to reveal the full form on the page. You will have to fill this form with the required information needed to grow your page. It’s really simple. And I will break down each section of the form below


1. Select Platform/Social Network: This is the first section of the form. It requires that you select the social network you want to boost or send followers to. So all you need to do here is select either Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

Since we want to boost an Instagram Page, I will select “Instagram”.

Once you have made your selection, let’s move to the second section of the form.

Where to buy Followers In Nigeria


2. Choose Order Type: This is the second section of the form. It requires that you select the order type for the social network you want to boost. So all you need to do here is select either Followers, Likes, Views, Comments, etc.

Please note that there are different services & quality of services included here. You will need to make an informed decision based on your exact need.

For instance, if you need Foreign Followers, simply select “Foreign Followers” – If you need Nigerian Followers, simply select “Nigerian Followers”.

Since we want to Buy Followers, I will select “Foreign Followers” just for the purpose of this tutorial.

You can use any of the Follower services shown below depending on your choice or need. TheSizzle.ng offers different services at different prices and qualities to fit every need & pocket.

Once you have made your selection, let’s move to the third section of the form.

How to Grow your Instagram Page With Real Nigerian Followers


3. Read The Order Description: This is the third section of the form. It requires that you read the Details of the service you are about to place an order for. This is important so that you can know exactly what you are getting and paying for. For instance, the type of followers, the quality, if there will be any unfollows, the price, the minimum and maximum you can order, etc.

Please always read this area so you won’t make any errors when buying followers on thesizzle.ng


4. Enter Your Social Media Link: This is the fourth section of the form. It requires that you enter the exact link to the Instagram Page you want to send followers to. A typical Instagram Page link is a combination of Instagram’s url and the username of the page. For instance, if my username is “totally123“, then my Instagram Profile/Page Link is going to be “https://instagram.com/totally123

That’s the simple way to get your Instagram profile link. Try this for your profile as well, then paste it in your browser to verify it it works. If it does, it will direct you straight to your Instagram profile. If the link is incorrect, you won’t land on your profile. This means you need to correct the link.

Once you get your correct link, paste it into the Link box on the form.


For the purpose of this tutorial, I will be using this link: https://www.instagram.com/victony_fp/

I have already pasted it below.


(This page @victony_fp was active at the time of creating this post. The page may be unavailable in the future due to name changes or transfers as the page was initially created for sale and test purposes)


5. Quantity (How Many Followers You Want To Buy: This is the fifth section of the form. It requires that you enter how many followers you would like to purchase through the service.

Below the field, you will also see an area that shows the “Minimum” and “Maximum” you can order for the service. Please note that this differs for every service.

For the purpose of this tutorial, I will type in “200”

You can also see below the “Total Charge” – This tells me how much I am going to pay for 200 Followers.

The Total Charge differs for each service. There are cheaper services on TheSizzle as well.



6. Finally: Place Your Order: At this point, you must have filled every section of the form and you are ready to place your first order on TheSizzle.ng.

Once you have verified all the information you provided, click the large “Place Order” button at the end of the form.



7. Select Your Payment Method: After clicking the “Place Order” button, a large pop-up will appear on your screen. This is where you select your payment method or fund your wallet balance on TheSizzle so your order can go through.

If you have already funded your wallet balance before placing an order and your balance is sufficient to fund the order, simply click the “Pay With Your Wallet Balance” button and your order will be placed immediately.


If you have not funded your wallet at all and your balance is insufficient to fund the order, please click the “Click Here To Fund Wallet” button.



That’s it. If all steps were followed correctly, you will meet this page as a successful response to your request. This means your order has been placed and you should start expecting results shortly.




How To Buy Instagram Followers In Nigeria – Live Instagram Follower Growth Results

Time to see if we were able to buy instagram followers successfully. Before we placed the order for @victony_fp, the page had 484 Followers (Image Below)


After the order was placed successfully and a few minutes wait… Here’s what we have now (Image Below)


So in summary, TheSizzle works – and TheSizzle is the best platform to buy Instagram Followers in Nigeria and that of any other social network as well.



How Are You Growing Your Instagram Followers?

Instagram will continue to grow in popularity across different audiences – which means you should take the advantage of these tools to get followers that will help you increase your reach, exposure and even your social proof.

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